Home Brewing & Wine Making Supplies


We moved!  Come and check out our new, larger location at 6118 Lakeside Ave.  Just three doors down from our old location.


It is now common to see beer or wine made within a person’s own home. Home brewing is for some a hobby, for others an art.  For all, it’s an enjoyable and educational challenge.


No one knows more about home brewing than Richmond, Virginia’s Original Gravity. From supplying consumers with bottles and corks to providing malted grains and hops for the brewing process, Original Gravity works hard to bring you quality supplies so you can make a quality product.


Deriving their company name from the term used to measure a beer’s density pre-fermentation, Original Gravity carries all the supplies and ingredients needed to brew beer or wine in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s kit or you’re a vet looking for CO2 tank exchanges, Original Gravity has the knowledge and supplies to set you in the right direction.


Check out their Facebook page for all Original Gravity news and updates. For questions about home brewing and information about how Original Gravity can help get you started, please contact us by phone at (804) 264-4808 or via email at tony@oggravity.com.


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